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How does your work compare to other architects and designers today? The latest design trends for the modern office, the effects of design on workers, architectural wall recommendations, and all you need for your blueprints are here in the 2021 Commercial Design Guide.

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  • Key design trends that are turning heads in 2021
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What are the top office design trends in 2021?

Modern office with neutral palette and wood tones


Minimalist office design is the style of choice in many offices to encourage focus and organization. The nature of minimalism is stripped and streamlined to pare down any clutter or potential distractions that might impede focus or productivity.

Practical Layouts

It should come as no surprise that a minimalist office design will merge practicality with its aesthetic. Your plans should champion functionality over flamboyance, and you need to pay equal attention to the impacts of negative space on your design.

Rustic office with practical layout
Biophilic office design with plants and natural elements

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design (also referred to as biophilia or design inspired by nature) takes humans’ inherent attraction to natural elements and channels it into design choices that stimulate well-being and focus. If you’re thinking of bringing nature into your office designs, consider how natural elements stimulate the senses.

Want to know the rest of the design trends? Read about 10 more in the full design guide.


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